The primary goal of a CSM solution is to improve the productivity and effectiveness of the Customer Success team by alerting them to customers who need attention, as well as informing them why, and suggesting what to do about it.

The Freshdesk Customer Success Alerts & Playbooks feature helps you keep track of important customer behaviors and allows you to utilize customer data in an actionable way and respond to customer risks or growth potential in a proactive manner.

Alert Rules

Rule-based alerts take advantage of your best ideas of what patterns or behavior to track for your customers. You can create a rule the specifies customer conditions for when to trigger an alert. For example, you can create a rule that says, “If a customer hasn’t logged into your product for more than 30 days, trigger an alert to the CSMs”.

Alerts can also be leveraged to facilitate the customer lifecycle management by tracking milestones that your customers need to achieve in their customer journey.

Rule-based alerts can be easily configured and changed. Specify customer attributes and behavior that you want to track, and we'll let you know when a customer matches those criteria.

Alert Playbooks

Handling customer alerts is a process performed by the CSM team and, as with any process, ensuring consistent customer experience across the team while sharing best practices helps to improve this process, and thereby, improve the outcome.

To assist Customer Success Managers in responding to alerts, you can leverage Playbooks to provide detailed steps or guidance on how to handle different types of alerts.

Playbooks need to be associated with alerts and can include things like questions to ask, suggestions to make, ideas on how to address customer objections, or even approved offers or discounts.

Playbooks are fully customizable in Natero and can include direct links to relevant documents (e.g. how-to cheat sheets) or even let Success Managers share notes with each other on techniques that they’ve found work best for particular situations.

Commonly Configured Alerts

  1. An account did not use the product for more than a week

  2. The account's usage of a key feature has declined

  3. The account's health has dropped from green to red

  4. The account has not paid their bill for more than 90 days

  5. The account has no interaction with the CS team for more than 30 days

  6. The account has submitted more than 4 tickets in a week 

  7. The account has submitted a detractor NPS response

  8. The account's renewal is coming up in 60 days