Manage Your Account Alerts

Modified on: Mon, 9 Aug, 2021 at 8:16 PM

Viewing All Alerts
The Alerts Dashboard lists all the alerts that have been triggered to your accounts. 

You can filter alerts based on the below categories:

  • Open non-task (default): Open alerts that have not been converted to tasks.
  • Dismissed non-task: Non-task alerts that have been removed from the alerts list.
  • Open task: Open alerts that have been converted to full tasks (task alerts).
  • Close task: Task alerts that have been closed.

And further filter the alert view by:

  • My accounts: Alerts triggered for the accounts assigned to you.
  • Active accounts: Alerts triggered for the accounts that have not churned or deleted. 
  • Churned accounts: Alerts triggered for the accounts that have churned.
  • Unassigned accounts: Alerts triggered for accounts that are not assigned to any CSM.

You can expand an alert to view the alert description.

Viewing Alert Tasks

You can view alert tasks triggered for a specific account on the Account Details - Alerts page. 

You can also use the Alert Tasks view on the main Tasks page to view all alert tasks, and leverage the task filters to prioritize, manage, and close your alert tasks. 

Updating Alert Tasks

Click on an alert task to expand the details of that task. You can then edit the task details, reassign the task, set priority & due date, check off subtasks, attach document, post comments, close or delete the task. 

Close, Dismiss and Delete Alerts


You can only "dismiss" a none-task alert, they are triggered as notifications on an account for you to review and decide if you need to take action on them (if so you convert them into a task).

Otherwise you "dismiss" (remove) them from the alert dashboard so you don't have to pay attention to them anymore unless you choose to show "dismissed" non-task alerts via the alert view filter.


You can only "Close" an alert task - alerts that have been converted into a task so the CSMs can follow up and complete for an account. Closing an alert task means that the CSMs have completed all the action items (specified as playbook subtasks attached to that alert task) they need to deal with the alerted account situation. 

When you close an alert task, you will be asked to specify if this situation has been dealt with successfully, unsuccessfully or false alarm. This feedback will be reported for manager review in the Team performance dashboard - tasks page for alert tasks.

Freshsuccess reports time spent in dealing with a task, so the "close" action sends the close time of a task for Freshsuccess to calculate task completion results in aggregate.


"Delete" a task will remove it completely from Freshsuccess as if it never exists. If a task is irrelevant or wrongly generated for an account, you can delete it to clean up your task list and not have it reflected in the team-performance task reporting.

Alerts Reporting

Freshsuccess provides basic alerts reporting at the Team Performance page. The Alerts section tracks and summarizes the alert workload by each individual CSM and alert type over time.

You can also build your own alert reports using existing alert and task metrics in the Chart Explorer. 

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