Tasks help you track customer action items and to-dos in a structured and organized way, so that you can easily review task status and details, and successfully close a task within the expected timeframe. 

You can manually add a task via the global "+" action located on the navigation bar, or within each individual account's details page. 

When adding a task, you can specify the following task details:

  • Account name: the name of the account the task is for
  • Task name: name of the task
  • Details: description of the task
  • Priority: the priority of the task
  • Due date: the due date of the task
  • Owner: the assigned team member to the task
  • Subscribers: other team members who should monitor and receive updates from this task
  • Tags: custom tags assigned to the task
  • Sub-tasks: checkbox items or additional tasks associated with the task
  • Related documents: documents linked to this task

You will be able to track, manage and update tasks on the specific Account's Details - Tasks page or on the main Tasks page.