Account Details - Overview page summarizes useful account information that CSMs need to understand and engage with a customer - such as account ids, important account dates, main contacts, latest status, revenue and invoices, and any custom attributes. 

You can highlight key account attributes on the top, group key metrics into different sections and customize the tabs on the left to help the CSMs look up information and make quick edits. 

Customize Account Overview Layout

To customize the account overview layout, you need to have the "Configure product settings" permission in your user role. Click “Management Center” under the cog wheel icon (last icon) located on the menu to the left. Click on "Account Settings", from the dropdown menu in the top right corner, choose "Customize Account Layout".

There are 3 tabs available in this view.

  1.  Overview tab
  2.  Other tab
  3.  Header

The Overview tab allows you to create custom sections and pick any account attributes including custom dimensions to be added under each section. 

Select "Custom Section" from the Section Type drop-down and add the desired account attributes to be displayed to the section. You have the option to customize the display name of any added fields. 

You can also choose to add one of our preconfigured sections such as Contacts, Custom dimensions, Hierarchy or Account Latest Status.

You can edit most account attributes directly on the page. However, fields maintained via the following methods will not support manual edits:

  1. Fields that are created via Freshdesk Customer Success backend triggers
  2. Fields that are updated from 3rd party integration
  3. Fields that are updated from using our APIs

Within the overview tab we also have an option to "Add/Edit" pages. Within pages, you can customize sections or select a predefined section. For example, if you want to maintain attributes for Onboarding or At risk sections separate from general account information, you can create individual pages and separate sections within them. Within sections, you can include any account dimensions including custom dimensions to be reported under each tab and section.

The Header tab allows you to pick the account attributes to be highlighted on the top banner of the Account Details page. 

The Other Tabs tab allows you to show/hide, relabel and reorder account tabs on the left when you click on an individual account.