The Task Groups feature allows you to assign task/goal owners to specific account tasks based on the group of users you define. If you run a large Customer Success team and each team member is managing different lifecycle stages of an account or has varying responsibilities, this feature will help you distribute team workload with clearer boundaries and more flexibilities.  

For example, you can create an onboarding CSM group and assign this group to the onboarding Goal for managing the account onboarding processes. You can further specify a subgroup of user(s) as the owner(watchers) of each task within a Goal. You can also define designated user groups for handling certain alert tasks.  

How Task Group Assignment works in Freshdesk Customer Success

Let us consider two sets of users as below:

1. Set A - Account owners: A set of users are assigned to the accounts. Typically these are the CSM owners of the account. There could be multiple owners.

2. Set B - Task Group: A set of users are assigned to the task group. Typically these users perform a specific function, like 'Onboarding Specialist' or ' Renewal Manager'. Members of the task group MUST also be assigned to the account as account owners.

Freshdesk Customer Success will look for the intersection of the account owners and assigned task group users to set the owner/watcher of a task. When that task group is assigned to a goal or task, the intersection of the CSM owners (A) and the Task group (B) is taken by Freshdesk Customer Success.  The intersection is comprised of all members of the Task Group who are also assigned to the account.  

  1. If this intersection yields users, then someone in this intersection will be assigned to the goal/task as owner. 
  2. If there is no one in the intersection, someone in the set of CSM owners (A) is assigned as the goal/task owner.
  3. If the goal/task is being manually deployed and there is no one assigned to the account (set A is empty), then the person deploying the goal/task is automatically will be set as the default owner.

How to create a Task Group

To create a new task group, go to Settings -> Management Center -> Task Groups. 

  • Click "Add New Group"
  • Specify Group name
  • Add CSM users

You can include either one or multiple users in a task group. In the case of only one user in a group, the user will become the owner of the task to which he/she is assigned. 

Goals Tasks

In the Goals configuration page, you can select a preferred task group for the goal or for a specific playbook task within the goal.

Alert Tasks

In the alert configuration page, you can select a preferred task group for the alert task.