In addition to the Freshdesk Customer Success pre-canned reports which allow you to monitor standard usage and financial metrics, you have the flexibility to create custom dashboards for CSMs, team leads, and executives that focus on the KPIs that matter in your business, and add charts and lists, resize panels and organize information the way you like.

Create a Custom Dashboard 

To create a custom dashboard, go to "Dashboard".

1. Click "New dashboard" on the top right. 

2. Click "Add widget" to load a pre-saved analytics chart or account list. Note that only Account/User Exploration charts are supported for the custom dashboard at the moment.

3. Edit the title of the loaded report and click "Update". You can add as many widgets as you prefer, resize and reorder them to your preference.

4. Edit dashboard settings:

  • Name & Description: Provide a name and description of the custom dashboard. 
  • Share with everyone: If you have the "Manage Public Object" permission can toggle this option to allow other users to view this custom dashboard.
  • Filter by CSM assignmentOnce this option is toggled on, the CSMs will be able to view the custom dashboard that represents only their portfolio of accounts. This filter also applies to users who have the "view all accounts" permission.

5. Once the widgets are added, you can resize the widgets and drag them throughout the page to re-order the loaded reports. You can also "Popout" a chart and click on "Edit" to open it directly in the Chart Explorer for further modification. Click "Save layout" to save the custom dashboard. 

6. The custom dashboard will auto-refresh every 6 hours, to manually refresh the dashboard reports, click the "Refresh" icon on the top left.