Customer Success teams face many unique challenges. Given that it is a relatively new function, coaching CSMs who are largely inexperienced and establishing a standardized process that can scale are top priorities. 

Combine this with increasing customer expectations and a low manager-to-CSM ratio, it's more important than ever to standardize and automate your processes. By implementing Success Goals, this can be easily accomplished. It helps predict and manage customer risk better, and drive expansion and advocacy, at scale.

Without Success Goals

With Success Goals

  • Inconsistent, non-standardized playbooks → not scalable.

  • Inefficient → low productivity.

  • Not data-driven, difficult to measure CS effort → cannot improve the process.

  • Standardized playbooks → makes it efficient to scale.

  • Automated deployment, hence faster → higher productivity.

  • Metrics-driven reporting makes it easy to iterate and improve processes.    

Find out what goes into a Success Goal.