A Success Goal consists of four essential elements: playbooks, tasks, metrics, and duration. To set up your Success Goal in Freshdesk Customer Success, use the following framework as a guide.

Identify the business outcome / success goal

Select the right metric(s)

Choose or create the playbook

  • What is the desired business outcome? Define what success looks like. 

  • Goals are most effective when time-bound. For example, reduce churn to under 1% by end of the year.

  • The metrics you choose should align with your goal and strategy. 

  • Pick metrics that clearly measure progress towards the defined goal

  • The metrics selected should inspire action. They should be able to indicate what actions or tasks to execute to address the problem. 

  • A playbook is a collection of tasks that need to be executed to achieve the goal.

  • Each task in the playbook should ideally have a quantifiable effort (duration) that influences the goal metric defined. 

As illustrated in the framework above, a Goal helps customer success managers work towards an outcome by performing a series of tasks (a playbook) on applicable accounts. Each task in the playbook is applied as per the schedule defined by you which starts when the Goal is first activated on the account.

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