Success goals in Freshdesk Customer Success set the foundation for delivering measurable improvements across the four primary KPIs—retention, expansion, advocacy, and efficiency—only faster and in a more scalable way. 

Both customer success managers (CSMs) and administrators can create Success Goals in Freshdesk Customer Success. 

To help strike a balance between manual and automated customer engagement, there are two modes by which you can create Success Goals.

  1. AutomaticallyAdministrators can define Goal Templates which can be accessed by all users. Admins can also choose to manually deploy or auto-deploy these goals across accounts at the time of goal template creation.

  1. ManuallyUsers can also create their own goals from scratch besides the ones available in the Goal template library via the 'Add new' option on the top-right. These goals will be visible only to the creators and the watchers added. These will not be part of the Goal library that a user can choose from. 

Next up: Creating goal templates and new goals.