You can automatically log/sync all email communications with customers using the Email Sync feature on Freshdesk Customer Success. 

Having all customer interactions over email mapped in a chronological sequence on Freshdesk Customer Success is important. This enables customer success managers (CSMs), account managers, and relevant stakeholders within your company to get complete context from the conversations. 

With Email Sync, CSMs can connect their inbox to Freshdesk Customer Success. Once enabled, emails you send through that inbox — including emails that you send out of Freshdesk Customer Success will be recorded under the Communications tab of that Account360 page. This way, you can keep track of both — your emails and your team’s emails with your accounts. This article will provide details and information on how to sync your mailbox with Gmail, Outlook and custom mailbox (IMAP).

Email Sync is a nifty feature that obviates the need for Freshdesk Customer Success users to blind carbon copy (Bcc) the Freshdesk Customer Success inbox address for every email interaction with the customer or having to copy and paste customer emails from their inbox to the Communications tab’s timeline view as Notes. 

How Email Sync works

With Email Sync (once enabled and configured), all email interactions between the CSM and the portfolio of accounts managed by that CSM is automatically recorded and synced under the Communications tab. It can be used with Outlook 365, Gmail, and custom email servers (IMAP only). 

Once an inbox is integrated, as CSMs exchange emails with their customers, Email Sync will automatically build the timelines for each of their accounts in their portfolio from the customer conversations. It will run through the integrated inbox and pull in all relevant conversations (from CRM contacts and product users) currently in Freshdesk Customer Success. 

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