When you do business with multiple entities, subsidiaries, franchises, or divisions of the same company, it becomes important for customer success managers to get the full context of all the ongoing activities with the company in different regions or markets. 

Account Hierarchy in Freshdesk Customer Success

Freshdesk Customer Success allows you to capture your account relationships between parent companies and their subsidiaries. For example, you can designate a parent account with one or more child accounts. Those child accounts can have child accounts of their own. The account hierarchy information is displayed on the account details page where you can quickly jump between each account in the relationship.

With the Account Hierarchy feature, you will be able to organize your information to create a hierarchy of multi-tier accounts. You simply have to connect the account records, using the field Parent Account, at the account level. Once connected, you will be able to see the complete information of related sub-accounts, associated health scores, NPS and other metrics directly from a single view on an Accounts page.

For example, if Acme Global is a parent account for Acme APAC, Acme EMEA and Acme NA, then in turn Acme APAC is a parent of Acme India and Acme Thailand.

Viewing Account Hierarchy

After your administrator has defined and enabled Account Hierarchy, a user can visualize the Account Hierarchy section on the Accounts page. This section will show all associated parent and child accounts. 

COMING SOON: Hierarchy Tree

Shortly, the Account Hierarchy section will also provide an option to view hierarchy trees for those accounts.

Data reporting using Account Hierarchy in Freshdesk Customer Success

You can easily view hierarchy information within an account’s details page and jump between each account in the relationship. You can assign hierarchy labels to accounts at any level for more segmentation capability throughout the product. You can also set up custom dimensions and metrics for any account at any node.

Freshdesk Customer Success rolls up activity, product usage, financial data and support tickets of the subtree (child) accounts to the accounts at higher nodes (parent). The summarized data is shown at the current account's details page and includes both the current account and the entire subtree accounts.

In any of the other account overview fields, users have the option to toggle between viewing hierarchical rollup for all associated accounts. You can toggle the “Hierarchy rollup” button in the parent account’s details page to view the information specific to the parent account or rolled up from all its children accounts such as Activities, Communications, Financials, Support, Deals and NPS.

Setting up Accounts with Hierarchy 


Account Hierarchy is currently available only for the Forest plan. If you’d like to use the account hierarchy feature in Freshdesk Customer Success, we suggest that you get in touch with your customer success manager or talk to us so we understand the use case better to set up the feature properly for you.