Touchpoints was conceived as a way to alleviate challenges around meetings and make it easier for customer success managers (CSMs). 

Meet with context

Admins can add Touchpoints as part of goal playbooks. This helps CSMs to know the tasks and meetings they need to have with their customers to achieve the outcomes.

Schedule meetings from Freshdesk Customer Success

With Touchpoints, CSMs know when they need to schedule a meeting. They can then choose templates and send across invitations right from Freshdesk Customer Success. Native integrations with Google Calendar and Outlook365 mean that switching to your email app to check schedules and send out invitations is a thing of the past.

Unify scattered information 

Touchpoints unites  scattered meeting information across tools. A full screen ‘meeting workspace’ helps to retain context and make it easy to take notes, view agenda points and update tasks during meetings all from a single place and it gets reflected across relevant modules.

Make follow ups methodical 

Finally, all of these updates/takeaways/action items are recorded into a recap email which can be sent with a click to your customers and team mates.