Touchpoints work in tandem with the rest of the engagement framework within Freshdesk Customer Success to retain context for CSMs and the leadership team by tying in the latest updates associated with a customer to the Goals and Tasks that are pending/need to be addressed. 

Thus, within a larger goal, you can create tasks to guide your CSMs on specific action items to be completed to achieve the goal. For example, creating a review deck, setting up a meeting, and sending follow-up emails can all be tasks that have to be completed as part of a larger goal that is renewal. 

When it comes down to setting up the Playbook for the Goal, you can choose to set meeting-related tasks as Touchpoint Scheduler Tasks. 

Using the published Touchpoints templates outlined in the section above, you can ensure that your CSMs schedule a meeting when one is due, or create a placeholder to remind them to schedule the meeting. 

Your CSMs can then see the checklist items within the Touchpoint Scheduler Task as Tasks on their plate up for completion: 

They can then create a new Goal based on this Goal Template and have CSMs address the Tasks as checklist items on their way toward completing the Goal. For a CSM, this pops up on the Task list and they will be able to  map the scheduler task to an existing Touchpoint and track towards completion: