Users are people in your organization who have access to the Freshsuccess platform. You can add new users, edit details of existing users, assign/change roles to users and manage user passwords through the "Users" page located in the Management Center under Settings. 

There are different user tabs on the Users page - Active users, Inactive users, Pending users and Super users.

  • Active users: Users who have completed the account setup and thus can log in to the Freshsuccess Platform.
  • Inactive Users: Users who have been deactivated from Freshsuccess. You can reactivate a user after it becomes inactive. 
  • Pending users: Users who have not yet completed the account setup and are not able to log in to the Freshsuccess platform.
  • Super users: Freshworks users that have access to your account to help with any issue would be listed here. You would be able to revoke their access from this tab. 

Add New User

  • Login to the portal as an Administrator with "Configure Users" role permission.
  • Click on the Settings button on the left panel > Management Center > Users
  • You can view a list of all the users in your Freshsuccess portal
  • To add a new agent, click the "Add new user" button on the top right.

  • Select the role to be assigned to the user. A role determines what features a user has access to in your Freshsuccess.
  • Enter the user's email address to be added. If you'd like to add multiple users of the same role at once, type all the user emails, separated by commas.

  • Click "Add New User" to complete the action. The user will receive an email shortly to complete their account registration process.

Once the user has submitted the required information, a new user account will show up in the Active Users list on the "Users" page. Users who have been added but have not completed the registration process will show up in the Pending Users list.

Edit User Details

After a user is added and registered successfully, you can change the associated role for that user and modify user details including the name, title, and phone number. 

To deactivate a user, click "Deactivate" under the user's actions.