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General Metrics & Dimensions

Freshsuccess provides a predefined set of metrics and dimensions for account and user analysis all throughout the product.

  • Metrics are quantifiable measurements used to monitor and assess the status of a specific account/user activity, product usage, or business performance. Metrics are tracked over time to allow you to view trends, monitor and analyze customers changing behaviors.
  • Dimensions are aspects or attributes of users, accounts, product or many others. They are static values that capture only the latest value in the field. They further break down a selected user/account segment into subgroups.


Computed Metrics

Computed metrics are account level metrics defined and calculated using other metrics and dimensions. 

Custom Metrics & Dimensions

Custom dimensions and metrics allow you to combine Freshsuccess built-in dimensions and metrics with those that have not been predefined within the FDCS platform, so you can analyze your customer data with more flexibility and segment it by the dimensions that matter the most to your business.

Custom dimensions are not time series attributes that you can add to your accounts, users, goals or support tickets. FDCS captures only the latest/instant value of a custom dimension for an account. There are nine types of custom dimensions that you can use based on the type of data you'd be storing in the field.

Custom metrics are time-series metrics that can be charted over time to view trends. FDCS tracks the historical values of a custom metric for an account. Note that custom metrics are available only for accounts not users. 

Usage Events vs. Custom Metrics

Events via the Event API are similar to Custom metrics, although while Custom metrics can only be associated with an account, events are associated with users. Also, events are typically actions that occurred at a single time (e.g. a button was pushed in the UI).

Summary of Availability

Below summarizes the availability of each type for Accounts vs. Users.

General MetricsYesYes
General DimensionsYesYes
Custom MetricsYesNo
Custom DimensionsYesYes
Computed MetricsYesNo

Below summarizes the availability of each type across different functionalities of the product. 

 Alert RuleAnalytics
Account Custom ViewsHealth Score
Account metricsYesYesYesYesYes
Account dimensionsYesYesYesYesYes
Account custom metricsYesYesYesYesYes
Account custom dimensionsYesYesYesYesYes
Account computed metricsNoYesNoNoYes
User metricsNoYesYesNoNo
User dimensionsNoYesYesNoNo
User custom dimensionsNoYesYesNoNo