Slack integration for Freshdesk Customer Success, formerly Freshsuccess, allows CSMs to converse on Slack channels without leaving Freshdesk Customer Success (FDCS). This way CSMs can remain in the tool they use everyday, while getting help from colleagues in other cross functional teams such as sales, customer support, etc.

To enable the integration, please ensure you meet the following prerequisites:

  1. The admin enabling the integration must have 'Configure product settings' role permission in FDCS
  2. CSMs in FDCS will be able to create threads only on channels by admin. There are no restrictions to whitelist public channels, but the admin needs to be a member of the specific private channel(s) if a private channel needs to be whitelisted.

Once you are ready, please follow the steps below:

1. Authenticate your Slack workspace

Navigate to IT Administration > Slack Integration

Click Connect to be redirected to Slack's OAuth > Input in your Slack URL and click Continue > Review all permissions FDCS will request from your Slack workspace, and click Allow to finish authentication process. You should see a toast message 'Slack integration was successful' if no issues occurred.

2. Whitelist channels

In this step, you will whitelist specific channels you will let CSMs create threads. If no channels are specified, CSMs will not be able use the integration. 

Note: the admin performing this step will need to be a member of the private channels needing to be whitelisted. 

This is not required for public channels.

That's it! You are done integrating FDCS and Slack. You do not need to do anything in Slack to complete this integration. 

Deactivating Slack integration

You can choose to deactivate the Slack integration if you wish to prohibit CSMs from creating *new* Slack threads but retain all the threads and communication within FDCS accounts. You can Reactivate when you wish to let CSMs create threads again. 

NOTE: no communication data will be deleted in this step within FDCS

Disconnect Slack integration

You can choose to disconnect the Slack integration if you'd like to delete all communication data from within FDCS and prohibit all CSMs from creating new threads. This step cannot be undone once performed.