Slack integration for Freshsuccess (formerly Freshsuccess) allows Customer Success Managers(CSMs) to converse on Slack channels without leaving the Freshsuccess (FDCS) interface. This way, CSMs can remain in the tool they use daily while getting help from colleagues in other cross-functional teams such as sales, customer support, etc.


  1. The admin enabling the integration must 
    1. have 'Configure product settings' role permission in FDCS.
    2. be an Admin of the Slack workspace you want to integrate with.
  2. CSMs in FDCS can create threads only on channels whitelisted by admin. 
  3. CSMs need to connect their accounts individually to Slack to start creating threads.
  4. There are no restrictions on whitelisting public channels.

Once you are ready, follow the steps below:

1. Authenticate your Slack workspace

  • Go to IT Administration > Slack Integration
  • Click Connect to be redirected to Slack's OAuth
  • Provide your Slack URL
  • Click Continue
  • Review all permissions FDCS will request from your Slack workspace
  • Click Allow to finish the authentication process

2. Whitelisting channels

You need to whitelist specific channels to which CSMs can create threads. If no channels are specified, CSMs will not be able to use the integration.

CSMs can create threads only to the public channels. 

3. Starting a new thread

A CSM can start a discussion using threads from the Accounts, Task, Deals, Goals, Alerts, and Touchpoints page. 

To start a thread:

  • Hover on a goal/alerts/deals/task

  • Click on More → New Slack Thread

  • Select the channel name you wish to associate the thread to (you can only see the whitelisted channels here).

  • Type and send the required message.

  • These messages will be reflected in Slack in the channel selected.

  • Click on 'Latest messages' to refresh the modal to see any new messages.

  • To view the respective threads in your Slack app, click on ‘Go to Slack’

4. Replying to a thread from Slack

To successfully reply and sync to the thread in FDCS, the Admin would need to add the "Freshsuccess" app to the Slack channel. Similar to adding a new user, the app must be added to the channel before conversing with it. Once the app is added, the replies added to the thread in Slack by the user would sync to Freshsuccess.


5. Viewing an existing Slack thread

To view an existing thread:

  • Hover over Goals/Alerts/Deals/Tasks (on their respective page).

  • Click More → View Slack thread.

  • You can see a modal with a list of all existing threads. 

  • Select a thread to view the discussion.

5. Deactivating Slack integration

You can deactivate the Slack integration to restrict CSMs from creating new Slack threads. You can still retain all the threads and communication within FDCS accounts. You can reactivate to let CSMs create threads again. 

No communication data will be deleted in this step within FDCS.

6. Disconnecting Slack integration

You can disconnect the Slack integration to delete all communication data from within FDCS and prohibit all CSMs from creating new threads. This step cannot be undone once performed.


1. Which plan is the Freshsuccess-Slack integration available on?
The integration is available on Estate and Forest plans.

2. Who can set up the integration?

Only Admins can set up this integration, and they must have the ‘Configure product settings’ role in Freshsuccess. 

3. Can agents create threads on channels from within Freshsuccess?

Admins have to whitelist channels for agents to start creating threads. Agents can create threads only on whitelisted channels.  

4. Are there any restrictions on whitelisting channels?

You can only whitelist public channels in V1. Private channels will be made available soon.

5. Is there a limit to the number of channels I can whitelist?

No, there are no such limits.

6. Can I send files/attachments on Slack from within Freshsuccess?

In V1, you can only send messages from within the product. You can open the Slack app from Freshsuccess to send files/images.

7. Will I lose all communication threads if I want to disconnect the integration?
You can deactivate 
the integration if you wish to retain threads and communications. Disconnecting the integration will delete all threads from Freshsuccess. You can access them from your Slack app within the respective channels.