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Create a New List

To create a customer list, go to "Lists," select "Accounts" or "Users" type, and click "New List." 

On the list configuration page, complete the following steps: 


1. Name - Provide a list name.


2. Description - Provide a description of the list.


3. Visibility - Users that have the "Manage Public Object" role permission can set the visibility of the list to be either "Private" or "Public." Others can only save the list as "Private". 


4. Associate to - Choose which modules the account list being created should be visible in. By tethering account lists to specific features/modules, you can craft and track a distinct set of goals/tasks/reports for a segment of your accounts/customers.


5. Run rule on - Set if the list should be filtered by all accounts or only the accounts assigned to you.


6. In the Attributes section, define how your accounts/users should be filtered based on certain attributes. For example, you can filter accounts/users by a certain country, industry, tier, or stage. You'll also be able to filter the accounts/users by the custom dimensions you have added to Freshdesk Customer Success.


7. In the "Metrics over time and event occurrences" section, define how your accounts/users should be filtered based on the trend of a specific metric and/or dates. There are four ways to do so:


1). Compare a metric to a value

     e.g. Usage of module "Dashboard" is less than 5 mins a day.

2). Compare a metric to another metric

     e.g. Usage of module "Dashboard" is at least 30% less than usage of module "Reporting".

3). Compare a metric to itself over time

     e.g. Usage of module "Dashboard" in last week is at least 10 mins more than usage of the same module a week prior. 

4). Check for an event

     e.g. Account joined in the last 7 days. 


You'll then select both the start date and the end date of the time period over which the metric will be calculated. 


1). Begins after an event or day

     e.g. 7 days after the "Account join date" or 3 days after "Account last seen" date

2). Begins before an event or day

     e.g. 7 days before "Current day" or 30 days before the "Account renewal date"

3). Begins on an event or day

     e.g. "Current week"

4). Begins on a specific date

     e.g. Dec. 1. 2021


8. "Columns for Preview": Choose the attributes you'd like to view along with the returned list values.


9. Click "Preview" to preview the list results. 


10. Click "Save as new" to save the list. When you edit an existing list, you can choose to save the list as a new list or overwrite the existing list details.


Once the list is saved, you'll be able to perform additional actions on the list: 

  • Edit the list details and rules

  • Clone the list configuration into a new list

  • Delete the list

  • Export the list results via CSV


The system will keep and load the last viewed list when you go back to the Lists page. 


Copy and Delete a List


If you'd like to construct another list based on an existing list, click "Clone" for that list and the conditions of the existing list will be copied over into the new list being created.  


To permanently delete a list, check the delete box for that list. You can also delete a list from the Manage Lists section in Management Center.