In this article:

  • Task properties

  • Task types

  • Task views

  • Task Reporting

  • Managing tasks

    • Updating task details

    • Promoting subtasks

    • Closing a task

The comprehensive task management system gives CSMs a single place to see, prioritize and manage all outstanding work they are responsible for each account -- be it Alerts, Goals, or manually created tasks. It also gives CSMs the flexibility to distribute work among the team by assigning tasks or subtasks to a team member.

Task Properties

Each task has the following properties:

  • Account name: the name of the account the task is for

  • Task name: a short description or title of the task

  • Description: a long-form description of the purpose or goal of the task

  • Priority: to capture the importance / urgency of the task

  • Due date: the date by which the task should be completed

  • Category: a label to help organize tasks; also useful in reporting

  • Owner: the user that is responsible for tracking and completing the task

  • Watcher: people that are involved with the work related to the task and should receive notifications on the task

  • Sub-tasks: checkbox items or additional child tasks associated with the task

  • Attachment: documents linked to this task

Task Types

There are three types of tasks.

  1. Alert Tasks are auto-generated from or converted from alerts.

  2. Goals Tasks are generated from the goals deployed to each account.

  3. Regular Tasks are the tasks created manually by the CSM.  Manual tasks can be created via the top navigation bar, the task tab of an account or the main Task list page.

Task Quick Lists

Tasks quick lists allow the CSMs to access a list of filtered tasks quickly. You can view the tasks by navigating to the Engagement tab > Tasks. To view the pre-defined lists, click the Hamburger icon (three lines) on the top left.

  • All tasks - All tasks visible in the system, regardless of status or owner

  • Tasks in progress - Tasks assigned to me with “in progress” status

  • My overdue tasks - Tasks assigned to me and are overdue (pre-filtered on “in progress” and “on hold” status)

  • All Touchpoint Scheduler - All touchpoint scheduler tasks with all status

  • Touchpoint Scheduler in progress - Touchpoint scheduler tasks that are “in progress” status

  • My overdue Touchpoint scheduler - Touchpoint scheduler tasks assigned to me and are overdue (pre-filtered on “not started”, “in progress” and “on hold” status)

  • My Touchpoint scheduler - Tasks created from the touchpoints scheduler on a goal that is assigned to me (pre-filtered on “not started”, “in progress” and “on hold” status)

  • My alert tasks - Tasks created from alerts that are assigned to me (pre-filtered on “in progress” and “on hold” status)

  • My account reminders - Account-associated tasks that are assigned to me (pre-filtered on “in progress” and “on hold” status)

  • My to-do tasks - Tasks assigned to me but not associated with any accounts (pre-filtered on “in progress” and “on hold” status)

  • Delegated tasks - Tasks associated with my accounts but not assigned to me (pre-filtered on “in progress” and “on hold” status)

  • Tasks I’m watching - Tasks to which I’m added as a watcher (pre-filtered on “in progress” and “on hold” status)

  • Tasks due within 7 days - Tasks assigned to me and is due in the next 7 days (pre-filtered on “in progress” and “on hold” status)

Task Kanban View

Task Kanban view allows the CSMs to quickly see tasks categorized in different statuses and filter them based on any task attributes to help with task prioritization with productivity. 

Task Reporting

Task reporting is located on the Team Performance page which allows you to quickly see how many tasks are outstanding, overdue or closed, etc. for each individual CSM over a selected time period. You can also view a list of tasks filtered by any CSM, status, task type, and the time period in a more condensed table view. This page would only be accessible by users with “View Team Performance page” permissions.

For custom task reporting, you can go to Analytics - Account Exploration to build your own task reports using the existing task metrics.

Managing Tasks

Updating Task Details

Click on any task to expand the details of that task. For each task, you can further modify the task details, subtasks, due date, and task owner, etc. You can add additional tags to use in task filtering. Users with “Manage Public Objects” would be able to edit the tasks for other users.

Promoting Subtasks

If you’d like to assign a subtask to a team member or track that subtask separately, you can promote that subtask to be a full task and specify the owner accordingly.

Closing Tasks

Once you’ve completed a task, click “Completed” to close the task. Click “Delete” to remove a task. You have the option to "Reopen" a task once it’s closed.