Freshsuccess provides a default dashboard to all the CSMs that presents an overview of their alerts, goals, tasks, and their portfolio summary. The dashboard displays the below sections.

  • Goals Summary

  • Task Summary

  • Open Alerts

  • Account Trends

  • Portfolio Summary

  • Overall Health

Goals Summary

The goals summary displays the count of goals assigned to you that are due within 30 days, Overdue goals, goals in progress, and goals that haven’t been started yet.

Task Summary

The tasks summary shows the count of tasks assigned to you across different due times and statuses. These include all alert/goal tasks and to-do tasks.

Open Alerts

The open alerts section displays a list of all open alerts assigned to you. It also displays the count of alerts split by the categories - Churn, Renewal, and Expansion.

Account trends

It displays the list of accounts that have been assigned to you in the last 30 days, up for renewal in the next 180 days, and Unhealthy accounts (accounts with a health score between 0 - 30).

Portfolio Summary

The Portfolio Summary displays the financial information of the accounts assigned to the CSM along with the renewal/churn data. It displays the count of accounts that expanded/churned/renewed in the last 90 days along with the MRR values of the expansion/churn/renewal.

Overall Health

The overall health simply splits the accounts assigned to the user by the health of the account. A healthy account would have a health score between 71-100, a Neutral account would be between 31-70, and an unhealthy account would be between 0-30.