Accounts comparison allows you to compare different segments of customers against each other based on any metrics. By understanding the factors that affect success within these segments, you are empowered with the necessary insights to create action plans that more directly target those customers’ issues.  


For example, you can analyze the usage of a particular feature by successful accounts versus at-risk accounts to understand if this feature is providing more value or not. Or you can look at the churn rate trend for big accounts (e.g., MRR over $$) versus small accounts to understand if you are losing high-value customers.


To get started, go to the "Analytics " tab and select "Accounts Comparison."



1. Select a primary list for the analysis (A).


2. Select the second list (B) to which the primary list will be compared.


3. Apply filter(s) to your analysis. For example, you can filter on the stage to analyze data for accounts that are in a certain stage(s) in both lists.


4. Select how frequently the data points should be plotted over the time window specified. Select "None" to show aggregated data for the entire time window.


5. Specify a time window for the analysis.


6. Select the metric(s) to be analyzed and specify the aggregation type for each.


7. Click "Save" on the top right to edit the chart name and description and save the chart.