Time Comparison allows you to analyze customer behavior over two different time periods. You can view trends of any segment of your accounts and see how they performed during both time periods.


For example, you can analyze product usage by all accounts before and after a major feature enhancement release to understand if the adoption of the product was positively impacted by the enhancement or not. You can also compare the usage, health, or activity level of a certain account before and after a major improvement was made in the QBR process to evaluate the impact of that change on this account.


To create a new chart, go to the "Analytics" tab and select "Time Comparison."



1. Select a list of accounts you'd like to analyze.


2. Select how frequently your data points should be plotted.


3. Specify the length of the first time period over which your data will be plotted.


4. Specify the start date of the second time period, the end date will be automatically filled in to include the same number of days covered by the first time period.


5. Select the metric(s) you'd like to plot and specify the aggregation type for the metric(s). You can optionally select a dimension by which the data will be grouped. 


6. You can filter the dimension values to limit the data to be shown.


7. Click "Save" on the top right to edit the chart name and description and save the chart.