Setting up NPS
  1. Email setup

    If you do not have FDCS setup for sending emails, please complete the steps in this article successfully. You can proceed to the next step if you are already sending Emails from FDCS.

  2. Permissions

    We have added a new role permissions located in Management Center > Role Permissions called 'Create and send NPS survey'. Identify each user with ability to create and send NPS surveys, and make sure each identified user is associated to a role type with this permission enabled. 

  3. Survey design & templates

    To standardize surveys sent to customers, admins can publish templates available for CSMs to apply when sending NPS surveys. To publish NPS survey templates, navigate to Management Center > NPS survey templates tab > Click New survey template. 

    • To start designing a survey, you can select a previous template as a base. If it is your first time, you can select one of the default templates included with the module and click Apply this template

    • Name and description - this information is seen by CSMs selecting a template to apply. The template name must be unique from any other templates published.

    • Design - this allows you to customize aspects of the NPS survey email which customers receive as part of the survey, and the webpage experience customers see once they click on a score.

      • Logo - this appears on the survey email. You can upload an image (max filesize 1MB) or provide a weblink of the logo image

      • Display title - this appears below the logo of the NPS email

      • Favicon - this appears on the webpage once user clicks on a score within the email. You can upload an image (max filesize 1MB) or provide a weblink of the logo image

      • Survey layout - customize how the user is presented with the follow up questions & thank you message on the webpage experience.

      • Colors - customize  the colors on the survey email and the webpage experience

    • NPS question - tweak the default NPS question by editing the text and/or adding placeholders to contextualize the survey for each customer

    • Follow-up questions, you can customize:

      • Type:

        1. Multichoice - single answer : allow user to see a finite set of options and be able to pick one option as answer

        2. Long text answer : allow user to input text as answer limited to 500 characters

        3. Multichoice - multiple answers : allow user to see finite set of options and be able to pick multiple options as answer

        4. Short text answer : allow user to input text as answer limited to 80 characters

      • Option for question & answers to vary based on the score selected customer

        By default, the question will be the same for all customers. To contextualize, select 'Based on the NPS rating' option in the 'Show this question' dropdown. Once selected, you will have 3 tabs appear for customizing the question for promoters (score 9 and 10), passives (7 and 8), and detractors (6 or less). Within each of the Promoter, Passive, and Detractor tabs, you can:

        • Customize the question text and the available answers

        • For Multichoice questions, you can add an 'Others' choice with a comment text box

        • Make the follow-up mandatory

      • NOTE: There are no technical limits to number of follow-up questions

    • Thank you message - just like the follow up questions, this message can be contextualized based on the selected NPS score. You can also optionally redirect the customer  

    • Once done, select 'Save template'. 

Once the above 3 steps are complete, CSMs with the right permissions will be able to select an NPS template, schedule an email survey to be sent to a specific set of customers.