Freshsuccess has native integrations that we can leverage to sync data between the systems. These integrations are customizable based on your requirement and are configured /maintained from our end. To check the feasibility of your requirement, please contact 

To integrate a third-party business application, you must provide the necessary credentials for access and the data details to be synced. You can provide the credentials by following the below steps.

  1. Log into your Freshsuccess instance and via the cogwheel icon on the left-hand side, navigate into the “IT Administration” area and then into “Source Credentials.”

  1. Click “Add Source” in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

  1. Select the appropriate type for the system you want to integrate. You can check this page to see the list of all integrations we support. 

  1. Once the source type has been selected, a set of additional inputs are required, a place where you can provide a custom name for this particular integration (extremely helpful if you have multiple integrations of the same type) and securely provide the necessary credentials for that system.

If you are unsure how to get the necessary information, please check with your third-party vendor on where to get the necessary keys.  If they are unable to help you, please contact for additional guidance.

If you are selecting a system that uses OAuth for access control, when you click “Authorize,” you will be sent through the OAuth sequence for that system to grant Freshsuccess the necessary credentials.

  1. Once you’ve added the source, please contact us to confirm that the new credentials have been provided and the system is ready for integration.

Once the system is ready for integration, we would need the mapping details to sync the data. To sync any details to Freshsuccess, we need the account_id mapping to sync the data to the right account. You can read more on account ID mapping in this article. Apart from this, we would need the field names of any other data that need to be synced to FDCS. To check on the mapping information, we can share the details over email and confirm the same.

A couple of additional notes about the available fields to fill:

  • The "Name" field is a field for your reference.  We generally recommend using the system type as the name, such as "Salesforce" for your Salesforce integration.  However, if you have multiple integrations with the same type of system, this allows you to give them distinct names for reference purposes.
  • For many systems, we need the domain prefix of your specific instance.  For example, with Freshdesk, your support site might be available at "," in which case you should fill in "acme" for the "Domain prefix" field.