Freshsuccess Account Details page provides a 360-degree view of your customer with detailed information on the account’s activity, revenue history, human interaction, product usage, support history, NPS, and account tasks and processes. It's a centralized place for you to view all the data specific to an account. 

Having this data readily available and up-to-date is extremely helpful for every CSM to stay on top of their accounts for communication lookup, process tracking, proactive engagement, and risk mitigation. 

Account Details - Overview

The Overview page of the account details is designed to help CSMs develop a quick understanding of each account and their situation based on the relevant account data they care about tracking. 

The Overview page layout can be customized to help group account data and surface key attributes. 

Account Details - Alerts

The Alerts page lists all the alerts and alert tasks that have been triggered for this account. 

Account Details - Contacts & Users

The Contacts & Users page contains a list of CRM contacts and product users of this account, along with contact and user details. CRM contacts and product users are both users of an account, the main difference is which data source they come from:

  • CRM contacts typically come from your CRM system but you can also manually add new CRM contact from this page. Contacts may not have logins to your product and may not use the product.
  • Product users are typically from the product and have logins to the product. Whenever Fresh captures an event associated with a user under an account, it creates this user as a product user under this account.

Account Details - Communications

The Communications page is a centralized place for you to view, filter and search any account communications including emails, meetings, support tickets, and notes. 

You can easily find a list of communications filtered by a particular interaction category, specific sub-types or searching using keywords. 

Account Details - Documents

The Documents page allows you to upload/link files or documents relevant to the current account. 

Whether it is a QBR deck about this account, or special promotion offered to this account, or a link to this account's SF page, simply pick up the right document type and add the details accordingly. Document type includes both links and files (there is no limitation on the file format you can upload on this page). 

Account Details - Financials

The Financials page tracks the history and trend of all financial activities related to this account, including account revenue, invoices, and subscription history. 

Account Details - Health Score

The Health Score page gives you detailed information on how an account's health score is calculated and how much score it is getting from each defined health component.  

Account Details - Activity

The Activity page tracks the trend of unique users of this account on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and how much time those users are engaging with the product.

Account Details - Metrics

The Metrics page allows you to create and save charts to monitor key metrics trend for each individual account using any available account metrics. You can also load an existing (more advanced) chart created using the Chart Explorer to be filtered on the current account.

Account Details - Modules & Features

The Modules and Features page delves into account engagement with fine-grain product usage data on a per account and per-user basis. Toggle between “Module Usage” and “Feature Usage” to view aggregated usage summary per module and feature.

Account Details - NPS History

The NPS History tab contains the full history of NPS scores submitted by users of this account, including score submit date, user email as well as the comment associated with each score.

Account Details - Support

The Support page allows you to view all the support tickets created for this account and track the trends of key support metrics. Support tickets can either be auto-synced from your choice of 3rd party systems such as Zendesk, Freshdesk etc., or created manually via the "Add Support Ticket" button on the top right.

Account Details - Tasks

The Tasks page lists all the tasks that are associated with this account with task type, task status, due dates tasks age. You can filter to view only open tasks or previously closed tasks. Click on "View Task" to update/edit each task details.

Account Details - Workflows

The Workflows page allows you to view the status of a list of active and completed workflows for this account. You can start a new workflow or manage existing workflows for the account through this page. 

Account Details - Churn Forecast

These fields will act as foundational elements for churn forecast reporting for customers who like to forecast churn. For CSMs to see these fields, admins need to enable these from the Management center - Manage fields. This is a setting that can be enabled or disabled in the Management Center.

When enabled, 4 default account fields get added to accounts:

  • Churn likelihood - This is a dropdown field where CSMs can indicate likelihood of churn by selecting drop-down values - no risk, at-risk and confirmed churn

  • Churn reason - This is a three level dependent field that helps CSMs to add churn reason category, sub-category and details

  • Projected churn date - this is a date value for CSMs to enter projected date of churn for the account

  • Churn description - This is a multi-line text field to allow CSMs to write more detail about why an account is churning