Q1 Will all users get an email to activate their Freshworks account after the migration?

All CSMs that are active in Natero will get an activation email. Only the specified org admin will be able to update/create users. 

Once the Freshworks organization is created, the org admin will be able to make other users org admins. This is outside of the Freshsuccess product in a new tool for organization user management -- this is new and does not exist in Natero today -- you'll get a link to it in the activation email.

Q2 What API changes are needed and when should these changes be made?

Your API keys will remain the same, only the endpoints will change. 

The API endpoint needs to change from api.natero.com to api-us.freshsuccess.com for the US accounts and api-eu.freshsuccess.com for the EU accounts. (New version of the API docs: https://developer.freshsuccess.com/)

The Events endpoint change to: events-us.freshsuccess.com for the US accounts and events-eu.freshsuccess.com for the EU accounts. (New version of the Natero JS : https://developer.freshsuccess.com/scripts/success.min.js)

Once the migration is done, API calls to the old Natero endpoint will return an HTTP 308 permanent redirect status. If your application can redirect the request based on this status, nothing needs to be done at this point. If your application does not handle a 308 redirect, then your application should be stopped prior to migration and restarted after the endpoint has been updated.

Once all customers have been migrated, we'll change the old Natero endpoint DNS entry to point to the new Freshsuccess instance and no redirect will be required.  This DNS change will remain in effect for the foreseeable future.

Q3 What changes need to be made with existing 3rd-party integrations (e.g. Salesforce, Zendesk, Delighted, Stripe, etc)?

No changes need to be made at this time, we'll migrate them and continue running them. We'll need to do a full sync of all data into the new system so the first update may be slightly delayed.

Q4 Do you have any documentation/video walkthrough of the new platform?

There will be no major change in functionality with the migration itself. We don't have any documentation right now specific for the UI migration. Hopefully, as the customers navigate through it, it'll be straightforward to figure everything out.  

Q5 Can I access the Natero instance during the migration?

During the migration process, you will not be able to access the Natero instance, it will be placed in Maintenance mode.

At the end of migration, you will receive an activation email to activate your Freshworks account. The email will allow you to set your Freshworks password and set up your profile information.  

Q6 What will be my new Instance URL?

Once the migration is completed, you can log into Freshsuccess. The URL for login will use your current Natero sub-domain prefix, changing the .success.natero.com to .success.freshworks.com.  E.g., customer.success.natero.com would become customer.success.freshworks.com.

Q7 How account views and account lists are consolidated?

By default when we migrate account rule lists, all lists are moved to private since we did not have such a setting in Natero where all lists there were public. The user who created them can view, edit and make them public again in Freshsuccess.  

We also migrate account views to account lists in Freshsuccess as we don't have a separate concept of account views. We maintain the public/private ownership of account views.

To save a list as shared/public, just open it and toggle it from private, and resave it. Otherwise, you can provide us a list of shared lists and we can do the same.

Q8 Will my Natero Bcc email change?

If you are using the Bcc email feature, note that the Bcc email domain will change from .natero.com to .freshsuccess.com. You can find the updated org Bcc address under the same IT admin - source overview page once the migration is complete.

Q9 Do I need to re-enable 2FA and SSO?

If you currently use Natero 2 factor authentication, it will no longer work after the migration. You will need to enable the 2FA  for Freshsuccess by going to Home > Edit Profile > Security tab within your "Profile" page. 

Additionally, if you had any SSO set up within Natero, you will need to set up SSO again by going to Home > Security page located on the side navigation bar. 

Q10 Which browser version Freshsuccess supports?

1. Chrome >= 60         

2. IE >= 11

3. Firefox >= 50

4. Safari >= 11