If you have enabled calendar sync for both meeting management and meeting interaction tracking, you can view the following Touchpoints record in Freshdesk Customers Success:


Touchpoints Records

All Touchpoints records will be saved on the Account360 Touchpoints page for each account. You can also filter touchpoints for a specific set of accounts on the main Touchpoints Dashboards in the "Engagement" tab located on the left navigation bar.


Meeting Recap Email

The meeting recap email will be recorded under the Account360 Timeline - Touchpoints with the "Email" type.


Touchpoint Meeting Notes

Touchpoint notes will be recorded under the Account360 Notes filterable by the "Touchpoint notes" option.


Meeting Interactions

A meeting interaction will be recorded against the meeting date/time under the Account360 Timeline - Touchpoint with the "Meeting" type and "Google/Microsoft Calendar" as the source.